A. Preparatory actions

Action A1 – Stakeholders’ consultation and mapping of needs – aims to include key stakeholders in the project from the beginning so they can be consulted and informed, as well as provide the basis of the project’s “coalition of support” and act as potential partners in planning and implementation.

Action A2 – Technical planning – defines a partnership’s agreement concerning the exploitation of the project’s output, perform a market research concerning IoT in the agriculture industry and eventually plan all technical actions to be developed in Action C.

Action A1 100%
Action A2 100%

B. Purchase / lease of land and / or compensation payments for use rights

C. Implementation actions

Action C1 – Database construction of key frost event indicators – construct a comprehensive database with biological, atmospheric, meteorological and phenological data that will be used to derive the empirical forecast algorithm

Action C2 – Development and Evaluation of the LIFE-FOSTDEFEND IoT-based monitoring and forecasting system – includes the development of a scalable IoT system that will receive, store and elaborate metrics from smart sensors that monitor agricultural farms along with data from external sources

Action C3 – Pilot implementation of the LIFE-FROSTDEFEND IoT system – evaluates tool’s capabilities in terms of providing early warning of frost incidents, as well as to demonstrate the tool to relevant authorities and stakeholders

Action C4 – Replicability and transferability – boosts the uptake of project’s outcomes through the replication of its actions

Action C5 – LIFE-FROSTDEFEND adaptation plan – aims to make local farmers and stakeholders aware of the link between the emissions of the air pollutants that may serve as INPs and the climate change issue, attributing to the incorporation of environmental friendly and ecosystem-based approaches to anticipate the risk of frost damage and climate change in general

Action C1 100%
Action C2 100%
Action C3 100%
Action C4 100%
Action C5 100%

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Action D1 – Assessment of project’s effectiveness – aims at monitoring and assessing the impact on the environmental and the behavioral and attitude changes of all project actions based on the specific performance indicators.

Action D2 – Assessment the project’s socioeconomic impact – appropriate indicators will be selected, in order for the socio-economic impact of the project to be assessed.

Action D1 100%
Action D2 100%

E. Communication and dissemination of results

Action E1 – Development of the dissemination pack – aims to reach a critical mass, mobilize a wide uptake, maximize the project’s impact and keep project’s networking updated, several actions have been foreseen

Action E2 – Networking – the scope is to convey the project results to key stakeholders

Action E1 100%
Action E2 100%

F. Project management

Action F1 – Project Management – focuses on the proper implementation of the project through management and coordination

Action F2 – Monitoring the project progress – deals with the procedures which shall be followed in order for the progress of the project actions to be monitored and evaluated

Action F3 – After-Life plan – will contain a detailed description of all the appropriate actions in order to ensure the effective dissemination and communication of the project results after its completion

Action F1 100%
Action F2 100%
Action F3 100%